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Ruy Lozano


Senior Captain Ruy Lozano is an 18-year veteran of the Houston Fire Department. He currently operates as the media spokesperson and Public Information Officer for HFD. He spent a majority of his career as a paramedic in some of the busiest stations in the city. During that time, he promoted up the ranks and later achieved the rank of captain assigned to the high-rise district. His expertise in high-rise firefighting and comprehension of the Spanish language has afforded him the opportunity to teach high-rise firefighting concepts both within the department and through Latin America. While in the fire department, Ruy continued his studies at the University of Houston. In 2011, he graduated with honors with a bachelors of arts in public relations and transferred to the community outreach division as a community liaison. There, he was involved in raising awareness about fire department events and project to the Spanish-speaking community and was soon promoted to the position of Public Information Officer. In 2014, he was promoted once again to senior captain and operates as the public affairs division supervisor for the department.





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